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Work Experience

Schaeffer Industrial Ceramics (2018-2022)

I was responsible for loading, and operating turning equipment for loading a Kiln for 4 years at schaeffers.

Dan Schantz Farm And Greenhouses (April-Present 2022)

I am currently working as a database management specialist intern. I have been responsible for maintaining,updating, and transferring information within the database. I have also been involved with retrieving data and analyzing it for the company.

CodeAdvantage(September-Present 2022)

Currently working as an instructor for a plethora of classes between the ages of 5-10. I review basic concepts of how programming works, and use javascrpit to mod gameplay features within minecraft. I also demonstrate basic robotics,they can control these bots with different programs from thier computers.

About me

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I am Angel Negron and I am a

I have been at Desales since 2018 and am currently studying Computer Science. I will be graduating with the Bachelor's of Science in December of 2022. I have a passion for coding, and look foward to a challenging problem. One of the most exciting parts of solving any problem is discussing with others how they would handle the situation, and observing how different our process was for the same solution.

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My Achievments and Education

Co-leader of the Computer Science Club

Responsibilities included organizing events, having fundraisers, and hosting "code-jams". Also educating underclassman on the importance of debigging and using applications such as GitHub.

President of the Ultimate Frisbee Club

Lead and organized a sport known as Ultimate frisbee once a week. Involved scheduling game times, locations, and teaching students how to play.

Desales Student

Attending classes at Desales University since August of 2018, Expected Graudation date of December 2022

My Skills

My creative skills and experience

Although I am most comfortable in Java and SQL, I am willing and able to learn about anything related or adjacent to the field. There are also other programming languages and softwares that I am comfortable with. That are not listed

C++ 80%
Java 90%
Html/CSS 65%
Python 80%
MySQL 85%

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